RIP Prudence!

Prudence rockin’ the stairs

A few years ago, a couple of my friends and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to get friendship hamsters.  Prudence and Diesel were their names.  I kept Prudence at my house, and after the novelty of having friendship hamsters wore off she simply became my hammy.  Diesel lived at my friend’s house and was the wild child of the bunch… She would hang from the ceiling of her cage, hiss at the smell of mint, and she actually ended up chewing a hole in her ball which led to her disappearance.  A few weeks later, my friend’s dad found Diesel in the furnace vent.  Prudence lasted quite a bit longer, though.  She actually lived through two large bags of hamster food.  That could possibly be the new record for any hamster I’ve ever own!  Most of our bonding consisted of me handing her food.  She ate pretty much anything and packed everything in her cheek pockets.  I will spare the details, but she was simply not herself today.  We took her outside to lay in the grass and she was loving it!  She did not make it through the day though.  Rest in peace little hammy!

As for other occurrences today… I went to the mansion for a little “me” time, it was very nice.  I got into deep thought, as always.  I think I might start blogging in the morning, or midday instead.  Something different though, I don’t feel like I write as well when I am exhausted, like right now!  Zzz…