Happy New Year!

At the moment I am exhausted- my bed is calling my name! But I am sticking to my everyday blog update… This morning I had a lesson on Fable, it was great.  We worked on flexion and straightening.  We also worked on a little shoulders out along the fence.  Instead of twisting my shoulders to move his shoulders, she wanted me to mirror the angle and press in my shoulder… I am VERY tired so I will explain better tomorrow once it sinks into my head better.  I also got to ride a Lusitano gelding, it was awesome.  I hadn’t had a ride like that in a very, very long time.  I felt like I knew what I was doing on him, where as on Fable I feel like a total newbie.  Physical Therapist is coming out tomorrow… That should be interesting! Hopefully we’ll get Fable on the right path.  We just got back from a New Years Party in Wellington and I met some very nice people!

Now, I get to study the back of my eyelids!  Excited for a fresh start to the new year!  Happy New Year everybody!


Catching up!

Wooh!  Lots to catch up on.  Okay, Saturday I turned 19, woopdey do.  Sunday, however, was great!  I had a wonderful ride on Fable, and I got to witness a wonderful ride from one of my students.  Hopefully she doesn’t get too mad about me writing this, but I am very very proud of her.  I started riding her horse a year or so ago, just to work on some basics and to get her lateral work started.  I believe she started taking lessons sometime last winter… She has come so far from that first lesson of “10 meter circle left, get her attention, 10 meter circle right, get her attention, walk, trot, circle, stop, attention, trot, go, stop, back flip…etc” to now working on turn on the haunches, turn on the forehands, shoulder in, leg yeilds… Most impressively she has gone through this transition of training theory with me and always does her best to listen and understand the things I am saying.  She has a wonderful bond with her horse and I am so excited to continue working with them.  Their future is very bright.

The Wonder-Team!

I wish I had a current picture of the two, the one above is of their first show together a few months ago.  Since then, we kind of “started over” in a way, the same way I did with Fable. Working on getting her off of the leg and seat more than the hand.  The super mare’s muscles have developed so much since this picture was taken.  My student (who will remain nameless, you know who you are!) has put in all of the work herself.  It’s so rewarding to see the difference not only in my own horse, but my student’s horses as well in all of the different aspects including muscle tone, and their attitude towards working.

The two I mentioned are not the only ones who are making tremendous improvement.  I am proud of ALL of my students and horses.  I have to pinch myself when I realize how many wonderful people and horses I get to work with on a regular basis.

On another note, my rides with Fable have been getting better and better.  We are both getting stronger.  We’ve been doing a lot more trotting (with lateral work too) and he’s able to carry himself so much better.  I feel better in my riding too.  I have been doing my part in working out, in addition to the riding.  I started running at the University’s gym.  I’ve also been doing my shoulder/back exercises to help with my posture.  I’m looking forward to getting more fit!

Speaking of fitness… I made a deal with a lovely friend of mine.  If she works out 6 days a week, then I have to spend an hour studying or reading 6 days a week too.  Health, and education.  What a lovely combo.  I’m actually very excited, as silly as it may sound.  I’ve never been very good at studying.  Or, shall I say, I’ve never been very good at getting the motivation to start studying!  I’m a busy body, always have four million things going on at once.  BUT, I’m going to try to get better and have a little more focus.  I think it’s great to be well rounded and do as many things as possible, but not at the same time.  I am going to start scheduling my time a bit better so I can prioritize the things that need to get done vs. the things I can wait until tomorrow.  That way Facebook and blogging doesn’t come before studying for a big test.  To add to that, I actually went to a tutor to help me study for a Research Methods test coming up on Thursday.  Progress!

One last thing before I go, Fable and I will be riding in the Novi Horse Expo.  We will be riding in the “Dances With Horses” Exhibition which is November 9th from 1-2pm.  I will be doing a solo act, a Pas De Deux with one of my most beloved friend, and another surprise act.  Please come and support us!  Let me know if you would like more information, or you can visit this website: http://www.noviequestrianexpo.com/info.html


More Research…

A major in Bio-Engineering? Minor in Exercise Science? Potentially? Or just a major in Bio? Who knows… I’m still debating options for my degree… There is so much material to look through.  My brain is on the skillet today; I need to catch up on my sleep!

I got a lesson from a local centered riding instructor today.  The lesson went well.  Overall, she thought Fable’s muscle development looked better than it did the last time she saw us.  We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m looking forward to it.  I have to work on my position, my elbows float away from my body and get sloppy and bouncy, so I have to work on thinking about my elbow being heavy, with my forearm lighter.  I’m going to post a sticky note on Fable’s headstall to remind myself.  A great friend of mine came to watch my lesson.  She’s known me almost my entire life, and now we work together in training her horse.  It’s always great to have support from friends and it’s even better when they are able to learn something new from the experience as well.

In addition to my lesson in the morning, I also gave a lesson.  My student has a nice Trakehner gelding.  He had an injury so we’re working him up slowly.  He is doing great though.  I am very happy with his progress.

From a trail ride earlier this season.

I think I would have been more successful at My daily blogging goals if I had more sleep. SO that’s my goal for tonight, get to bed by 9:30pm.  The chipper and energetic Heather will be back tomorrow, so watch out!

Buenos Noches,