Memories That Stick

When I first walked into my best friends house after a wonderful day of shopping and getting our makeup done, I saw her dad holding the video camera.  My initial thought was, “Oh, they got a new video camera! They’re testing it out! Let me hide behind the stairs!” I didn’t want to stand over there forever so I proceeded to walk into the kitchen after about four seconds of hesitation.  It wasn’t too long until I looked over and saw a bunch of people jumping out yelling “SURPRISE!!!!” … I want to get the video of my reaction because I’m sure it was hilarious.  I was so shocked… I still am!  Normally I’m the one surprising people, but they got me!  It took me a few seconds/minutes to process what was actually going on, and realize who was actually there.  I thought for a second I might have been dreaming or something.  It was one of those “pinch me” moments.  They even got me a cake! 

It was so nice talking to everybody.  I want to emphasize how thankful I am for all of the people who love and support me.  I’m pretty convinced I have the best friends on the entire planet, and I could not be any happier.

The amazing supportive people, missing just a couple of people who had to leave a little early but none the less I will always have the memory of everyone who came!



What a day!

Without sight, all of your other senses are stimulated.  The feel of the reins between your fingers, the swing of your hips as your horse walks forward, the ball of your foot supported by the stirrup iron.  The sound of hoof beats in the sand, the night time breeze whispering in your ear.  The moonlight illuminates the white fencing.  I cannot see whether or not Fable is through at the base of his neck or not.  I only see the shadow of a horse underneath me.  His level of connection can only be distinguished through feel.  I pushed my hand forward and gathered collection with legs and core when I felt any pressure on the bit.  Whether Fable was leaning or I was accidentally restricting, I want everything done through my seat and body.  Tonight, we were able to accomplish that.  Shoulder in, leg yields, half passes, haunches in, haunches out.    Dancing in the moonlight with my most beloved horse.  Moments like these are priceless.

Today was incredible.  To start off the wonderful day, my mom and I met up with a very close family friend for a “birthday breakfast!” She even had them deliver a cinnamon roll with a candle for me to make a wish on!  It was such a nice visit.  In addition to the breakfast and wonderful cinnamon roll, she got me a jacket.  But not just any jacket.  A jacket with my DuFour Dressage logo on it!!! I could tell there was so much thought put into every detail!  I loved the color theme: red white and blue.  It’s so comfortable; I just want to wear it all day!

Front of the jacket..
Back of the jacket…

Fantastic. So, onto the second fun event: Health and Wellness Fair! I was volunteering at the WHP Society Booth but it wasn’t too big of a hit.  There were mostly employees there, very little student activity.  However, I did get to talk to a chiropractor.  I actually set up a consultation with him.  He assessed my posture and was spot on with every concern that I have noticed, and off course I notice it effect my riding.  I’m really looking forward to discussing with him more and seeing how the adjustments help in everyday activity as well as riding!

Third fun event: Stress management! In class today, we talked a bit about a new coping skill for when people are talking at you in a hostile way… It is called whooshing.  What is whooshing you might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Whooshing is when you imagine a streamline of words and letters coming out of the persons mouth, and watching them float right on by you.  That way you don’t feel like their anger is directed right at you.  Next, we did a little bit of Tai Chi!  It was my first time, but definitely not my last!  I felt so revived after that.  I couldn’t stop smiling all the way back to my car.  It’s something I’d like to study more so I can relate it to riding… I took some of the concepts and incorporated it in tonight’s ride, I had great results.

Fourth fantastic event: A trip to my second family’s house!  I have the best friends in the entire world.  Seriously.  They’re so supportive, caring, and just simply awesome.  Especially the friend I visited today- you know who you are, Diddy.  Anyway, I don’t even know where to begin to explain how grateful I am to have this person in my life.  She’s always there when I need her and keeps me thinking positively.  I cannot thank her enough for that.

Alright, final major event of the day: Pony ride!  The sun had already set by the time I got to the barn, but that wasn’t going to stop me!  Threw on the saddle and bridle, and off to the arena we went!  I have a new warm up ritual, I always hand walk him around the arena two times each direction.  That way it gives him a chance to unlock any kinks and loosen his back without me sitting on him.  We both enjoy it, it gives us a chance to relax a bit before we begin.  I rubbed liniment on his legs and gave him a massage after the ride.  I can’t help it, I’m simply in love with my horse!