Boot Camp Begins Today

An experience yesterday left me with an urge to get more involved with this sport and truly lead by example.  I my confidence in riding has been building slowly but surely, but I still didn’t feel ready to go out and show.  Now it’s clear to me.  I’m ready to work harder than ever so I can get in  the arena and lead by example.  I woke up this morning a bit worried about Fable’s leg, so I opened my book of daily inspiration written by Joyce Meyer.  Each entry is dated, so I am on March 11th’s passage.  Oddly enough, it was relevant to today’s shift in mind set.

A Big, Rewarding Life

Only it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering. For the one who wavers is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind. –JAMES 1:6

People with low confidence are double-minded, indecisive, and constantly getting frustrated with life.  If they do make a decision, they are tormented by self-doubt.  They second-guess themselves.  As a result, they don’t live boldly.  They live little, narrow lives, and they miss out on the big, rewarding lives God wants them to enjoy….

That being said… I’m am asking to make an impact on the horse world, and I have an overwhelming amount of faith that it can be done.  I want to be able to replicate the image I have in my mind of a physically fit and mentally connected horse and rider team.  In order to do that, I have to dive in deeper than ever before.  Learning through books, teachers, exercises, whatever it takes.  It’s not my goal to do this in secret so I mysteriously come out on top… I want to share my ideas and the steps I am taking in order to get to that place.  So by all means, join me on this quest of academic riding.  If you have questions, something to share, or an idea to challenge: please let me know!

Gaining Strength Instead of Losing Weight

First things first: I unburied my daily calendar so I could create a workout schedule.  I’ve discovered it’s a lot easier to work out when you have a goal of gaining strenght vs. losing weight.  Also, thinking of the law of inertia, an object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it… So this is YOUR call to keep moving, or GET MOVING! This blog post is that external force acting upon you to get up and move.  Start with standing up, sitting down, 10 times, then do some jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, anything! If you don’t have the discipline to do those things, take the dog for the walk, walk your horse around the arena, just get moving!

My weekly workout consists of this:


Balance Ball exercise in the morning, and before I get ready for a potluck at Hampton Green Farm I will do 100 crunches and 20 go-stops.. What’s a go-stop? Sitting on the floor with good posture so I can feel my seat bones, while keeping my legs straight out in front of me lift them just a hair off the ground and think about stopping, and going on horse. Not leaning way forward or backward, simply through the power of the belly button! Keep your back in the same place, but think of moving your belly button toward your spine down into your pelvic floor to stop.  To go: think of keeping your back engaged but push your belly button forward, and letting your belly release and expand outward. I will try to get illustrations for these weird little exercises I am going to be creating. If you find that to be too difficult, try it in the bath tub or a little kiddy pool. It’s still the same exercise, but the water modifies the exercise quite a bit.


  • Jog in Place for 5 min
  • Jumping Jacks for 5 min
  • Jog in Place for 2 min
  • High Knees for 1 min
  • Butt Kicks for 1 min
  • Jumping Jacks 1 min
  • Stretches from my Balance Ball DVD
  • 10 Go-Stops
  • I will wrap my day up with a bit of Yoga before bed


  • Balance ball (morning)
  • After work/on break: 100 crunches
  • Yoga Stretches before bed


  • Jog 5 min
  • Football Sprints 2 min
  • Jumping Jacks 3 min
  • Jog 6 min
  • Punch 2 min
  • High knees 1 min
  • Butt Kicks 1 min
  • Stretch
  • After work/on break: Shoulders, 3 sets of 20 reps
  • Yoga before bed


  • Balance Ball (Just stretches for AM)
  • After work/on break: 3 sets of 20 reps squats and leg lifts (glutes)
  • Yoga before bed


  • Jog 5 min
  • Jumping Jacks 5 min
  • Push Ups 1 in
  • High Knees 1 min
  • Butt Kicks 1 min
  • Jog 5 min
  • Stretch
  • Yoga before bed


  • Balance ball stretching in AM
  • Yoga before bed

Let the games begin! Support me by asking questions, sharing ideas, and by joining me in trying to impact the horse community.


Homework Time!

TODAY WAS AWESOME.  I was exhausted, but I learned a lot.  I had a lesson on Fable and we discussed his conformation.  She gave me several books to study the conformation of the horse, as well as the balance and movement, and all of that jazz.  We are going to have a chiropractor/massage therapist come to look at Fable sometime this week, so that will be interesting to see what she has to say about him. 

The Books…

I finally got everything organized in my humble abode today.  We are working Fable tomorrow at 9:00am so I have to make this blog post short since I have to get some reading in before I go to bed.

A wee bit of organization…

Today’s most beautiful memory was walking out of the camper in the morning and seeing a full moon stuck in the morning sky.  It was a cool morning, but very calm and peaceful. 

A fun and exciting challenge for tomorrow would be to drive down to the beach with my Madre.  There is also a New Years party I was invited to, if I am feeling well (relieved from this wretched cold) I would like to go to that, too.

BoG… Breath of Gratitude… Holy cows. Life is amazing.

My noble steed awaits…

A Major Change

I’m not sure if it’s the coffee I had earlier, or the fact that I’m just ECSTATIC about life, but I’m SO excited right now!  I had an epiphany that I will get to later…

This morning I took Autumn and Coby with me to feed Fable.  They had so much fun running around!  Autumn and I played fetch with giant carrots and alfalfa cubes.  One of my best friends came out to visit and we ended up going on a trail ride.  She rode Glory and I, of course, rode my noble Fable.  We went to the pond and through the woods, it was BEAUTIFUL!  It was the first time I went back there since the leaves changed colors.  I could have stayed out there for hours.  Fable was a bit anxious, so we worked on halting and backing up (without using the reins as my primary source of communication).  I was getting a little tired of constantly quizzing him, he thought it was time to gallop down the row of trees!  So, I got a few good transitions and then hopped off to hand walk him.  The rest of the trail ride/walk was more enjoyable for both of us that way!

Down the trail.

We had beautiful weather for the trail ride.  The clouds started to look a bit suspicious as we got closer to barn.  Right after we dismounted and walked through the barn door it started to down-pour.  Talk about perfect timing!  It rained steady for about 10 minutes.  Once the rain decided to go elsewhere, the sun popped out to illuminate each water droplet on the leaves, the grass, and everything else.  It was incredible.

After the rain.

It’s amazing how beautiful things continue to appear when you have your eyes open for them.  Perhaps I just choose to perceive everything as amazing… but that’s fine by me.

So on to my epiphany… I was talking with my brother about my newly acquired knowledge of the angles in horses legs/hooves affecting the way they move and all of that jazz.  Of course, this stuff excites me so I was talking very passionately about the subject.  He asked me why I wasn’t getting into bio-mechanical engineering?  LIGHT BULB MOMENT! It made me take a deep look into why I wanted to get into the Wellness, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention/Exercise Science program.  I wanted to learn about muscle develop and how I could prolong horses and riders health and to prevent injury and increase their longevity.  Fantastic!  But once I compared the courses for the WHP major to the biology engineering major that Oakland provides… It was clear to me that I was not going to be satisfied with the type of information given through the WHP courses.  The biology engineering program on the other hand, HOLY COW!  It will provide me with so many different ways to conduct my own research regarding to my topic of horse and rider.  Safety and first aid in exercise settings, wellness facilitation, evaluation of health and wellness programs, VS. biological physics, analysis and design of mechanical structures, and design and analysis of electromechanical systems… My nerdy brain picks the bio-engineer.  I’m 100% certain it’s going to be much, much more difficult.  BUT, I’m up for the challenge.

My daily blogging goals:  1) witness something beautiful, 2) try something new, 3) help somebody.  One- the trails today, the gift of sunshine after the cleansing rain, and friendship.  Two- I choked on a carrot, oh wait, that’s not new! Okay, being serious now. New thing- I looked up bio-engineering and decided to change my major!  Three- I helped a little girl at the farm distribute apple chunks to all of the horses.  Also, I helped save Coby from being violently assaulted by Autumn.  Gotta love how dogs can get so greedy for just a few grains of rice.

Theme of the day: The only thing constant is change.  Deal with it, learn from it, and/or embrace it!

Until next time,


The Start of Something Wonderful!

My name is Heather.  I could go into great detail about who I am, what I like and all of that jazz… but that’s why I created this blog: to figure all of that stuff out.

There are a few more reasons I decided to create this blog… First of all, I want to make sure I observe and appreciate the little things that are often overlooked.  For example: Sitting in the sun on a breezy autumn day with a pumpkin spice latte.  Leaves in orange, yellow and red suit rhythmically float from the tree tops down to a path below.  Imagine being in such a hurry that you weren’t able to observe something like that…sound familiar?  My goal is to set aside time each day to embrace the gifts nature gives us.  Whether it consists of watching dancing leaves, watching the clouds roll over the sky, or studying the rhythm my horse’s breath on a cold day.  Nature seems to have its own language.  It never ceases to amaze me.

Another reason for creating this blog: I want to get better at going out and trying new things.  So, this will give me an opportunity to write about those future events and ideas that will lead to even more exciting things!  For starters, I will be taking my horse to Florida for 5 months this winter.  I figured that’s a good start for jumping out of my comfort zone!  For more recent events, I am participating in “Making Strides for Breast Cancer” tomorrow.  Don’t know what that is? It is a 5K walk at Oakland University.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and hearing their stories.  Registration starts at 9:30am if you are interested!

Last but not least, I want to challenge myself to reach out to more people.  Whether it’s paying it forward, or just a random act of kindness.  Extending a hand to at least one new person each day could result in many great things.

I will write each and everyday.  I challenge myself to 1) witness something beautiful, 2) try something new, 3) help somebody.  I will relate to those components in each post.  I might change this at some point in the future, but I like it for now.  Oh!  I almost forgot.  I just got a beautiful new camera for my birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!)… So, I will be posting a picture each day to represent the topic of my post.

I have two pictures for today, simply because they both brought a smile to my face:

Best Friends

Fable always tries to make me laugh.  Of course, he is very successful in that quest.  Today was wonderful, and I’m looking forward to posting about tomorrow.  Until then, good night!

Yours Truly,