Autumn just inhaled my pumpkin pie.  She inhaled it.  She did not enjoy it nearly as much as I would have.  How do I know this? Because it didn’t last more than a second.  I sat it down next to me on the couch while I adjusted my laptop, next thing I heard was the metal fork bouncing off of the plate.  I looked, saw a crazed Autumn hoovering my pie.  I blinked, and the pie was gone.  Gone.

Today was filled with a lot of laughter.  Started my day with an uncontrollable, squealing, tear streaming laugh.  I had not laughed that hard in…. a very long time.  Coby and Autumn were running around the house at top speed, lap after lap.  Autumn decided to change the course and launched herself toward the stair landing.  Coby was feeling good, so he thought he would try to do the same.  Mind you: Autumn is three a month old Border Collie, and Coby is an eleven year old West Highland Terrier.  Autumn has a bit more spring than Mister Coby.  So, Autumn’s whole body clearly made it to the landing; however, half of Coby wasn’t as fortunate.  When he pushed off, I could see the look in his eyes staring in the same path that Autumn took, but gravity had a different plan for him.  I couldn’t help but think of this as a physics equation… Coby maintained the same velocity in the direction toward the stairs, but his weight made gravity take account a bit faster than he was hoping.  His front paws made the landing, and then his hind legs (already lower than the step, thanks to gravity) whacked the face of the stair, then got pulled up and over the ridge to follow the rest of his body at the intense speed.  I’m sure I didn’t give the image I saw any justice through writing.  But it was hilarious.

I didn’t do much today except for laugh, eat pie, ride my horse, and run a mile or three.  Fable and I had a lot of fun.  My mom came out and took pictures of the two of us (thanks Mom!).  The fall colors were incredibly beautiful today.  It was as if the rain this morning cleansed the trees and made them feel revived.    I couldn’t help but take 722 pictures of them.

This much fun should be illegal.

Well, my eyelids are getting heavier, and my 8am class is getting closer.  So off to bed I go.