Coffee and Ice Cream, The Bullies

It’s official. I’m an addict. Coffee and Ice Cream. Today they tried to get the best of me.

I’ve been able to break free of the cycle, but it’s usually pretty difficult and I have to wean myself. Cold turkey never usually works. Over the weekend, I’ve cut myself back to once per week and It’s only been three days for the Ice Cream, and one day for the Coffee.

This morning Coffee made me stare intensely at the Keurig for about 30 seconds, but I heated up my tea and proceeded to walked away.

As the day went on I felt my body getting heavier, my focus becoming blurred, and I noticed I was staring at the same screen for about an hour. Ice Cream gave me a little nudge of excitement, and although I thought I was leaving for some fresh air, Ice Cream had other plans.

My body took me straight to Dairy Queen. I sat outside in the parking lot looking at the delicious choices. I turned my car around and took a cat nap to sleep off the craving. All while fighting the urge to pout like a child being denied of Ice Cream.

I woke up feeling a bit more refreshed, but Ice Cream still wasn’t finished with me… He had another idea. I started driving back to work and my body turned into a parking spot right outside of the grocery store. I walked down the Ice Cream isle like a zombie for about 10 minutes. As I realized what was happening I put my foot down and decided to walk out.

However, Ice Cream was waiting in a freezer right by the register I had to walk by. I stopped. I stared. I opened the door and grabbed an Ice Cream Sandwich and waited inline.

After watching the person in front of me scan each of his 300 tuna can’s that he had in his cart I looked down at Ice Cream and pondered if all of this was worth it… Just to feel equally as miserable if I did before. I put Ice Cream and his wicked plans back in that freezer and left.

I ran back to my car and drove to work as fast as I could before Coffee or Ice Cream popped out at me again. Here I am, two cups of water and an orange sitting on my desk proud to say I did not cave to my two sneaky Addictions.

Coffee, Ice Cream… Not today.


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