Why Wait?

Some might think I’m moving from the farm because I’m getting out of horses… In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


I wanted to live a quiet life with horses as my hobby and part time job while I figured out what type of career I wanted… I’m still not absolute on where my path is headed, but that is part of the reason I decided to move and bring my horses with me. Having horses in my back yard got me to where I am right now, but to move forward I feel it is necessary to have my own freedom. There has to be a balance… I used to be the craziest horse crazy girl anybody knew, but burnout is a factor when things are out of balance.

I got my first horse when I was 13, after that I surrendered my life to horses, working, and more horses. I had so much focus on working toward my horse goals I created tunnel vision and lost sight of what it meant to ‘play’. The past several months I have been building myself up from the rock bottom I hit a few years back. Since I have found my confidence and passion for life again, I feel a strong pull toward adventure. I don’t want to feel stagnant, trapped, or simply content settling with the same routine day after day. I want to experience all that life has to offer… INCLUDING witnessing the full potential of my own horses.

I knew there was going to be time I would part my ways with the farm and go on my next adventure. Our plan was to keep the farm so I could focus on school and have a place to keep my horses while my dad got property to hunt on and my mom had a yard to do agility and play frisbee with Autumn. We were fortunate to find such a wonderful place with wonderful people that came into it. Although I am not done with school and we’ve only been here for a short time… It was enough time for me to realize I’m not ready for the time and consistency required for running a farm at this point in my life. I’m very thankful for my wonderful parents who have supported 110% of the way and allowed me the experience of living on a farm for a short while and all of their efforts they put into the property.

Although it may seem I am ‘giving up’ a lot, I know my gypsy heart is thirsty and excited for the adventure and growth that is to come. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s already gratifying knowing I’m not going to settle for a life without passion; I’m going to follow my heart, strive for growth and appreciate all of the little things in between.





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