Why Wait?

Some might think I’m moving from the farm because I’m getting out of horses… In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


I wanted to live a quiet life with horses as my hobby and part time job while I figured out what type of career I wanted… I’m still not absolute on where my path is headed, but that is part of the reason I decided to move and bring my horses with me. Having horses in my back yard got me to where I am right now, but to move forward I feel it is necessary to have my own freedom. There has to be a balance… I used to be the craziest horse crazy girl anybody knew, but burnout is a factor when things are out of balance.

I got my first horse when I was 13, after that I surrendered my life to horses, working, and more horses. I had so much focus on working toward my horse goals I created tunnel vision and lost sight of what it meant to ‘play’. The past several months I have been building myself up from the rock bottom I hit a few years back. Since I have found my confidence and passion for life again, I feel a strong pull toward adventure. I don’t want to feel stagnant, trapped, or simply content settling with the same routine day after day. I want to experience all that life has to offer… INCLUDING witnessing the full potential of my own horses.

I knew there was going to be time I would part my ways with the farm and go on my next adventure. Our plan was to keep the farm so I could focus on school and have a place to keep my horses while my dad got property to hunt on and my mom had a yard to do agility and play frisbee with Autumn. We were fortunate to find such a wonderful place with wonderful people that came into it. Although I am not done with school and we’ve only been here for a short time… It was enough time for me to realize I’m not ready for the time and consistency required for running a farm at this point in my life. I’m very thankful for my wonderful parents who have supported 110% of the way and allowed me the experience of living on a farm for a short while and all of their efforts they put into the property.

Although it may seem I am ‘giving up’ a lot, I know my gypsy heart is thirsty and excited for the adventure and growth that is to come. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s already gratifying knowing I’m not going to settle for a life without passion; I’m going to follow my heart, strive for growth and appreciate all of the little things in between.





A Leap of Faith

“My life is like a story,
Each day is a new chapter.
Every second holds its glory,
Makes me believe I’ll be a happy ever after.
So every time I take a breath,
It starts a new beginning…
I want to be free.”  -J.A.

Symbols. I love to attach symbols. The artist in me seeks the deep rooted meaning in every word, every event, every gesture. It’s easy to get lost in thought with these mental attachments. Looking back, I realize have spent many hours sitting in this chair, pondering such things.

I seek balance between thought and action; introvert and extrovert; confidence and humility.

My journey to the center of this target is shaped by each experience I encounter… The deciding factor is in my attitude. My attitude is my responsibility. A choice I make. The only person with control of my attitude is me. I choose to smile. I choose to be grateful. I choose to continue on this adventure with optimism, faith, and passion.

Marching forward with everything I have to give with open arms and an open heart. Less material, more connection. Less possession, more appreciation. Less worry, more acceptance. Less settlement, more adventure.

So, where does this journey lead? Is there a destination? Should we stay put? Should we attach ourself to a location, a lifestyle, a mindset? Or, should we live freely, follow our hearts, and accept our lives might lead us to incredible places forming connections with people all over the globe?

The possibilities are truly endless… The deciding factor? Attitude.

If the attitude is right, the facts don’t matter. -Jane Savoie

Do you allow yourself to be trapped in fear? Or, do you take a leap of faith?

I am taking a leap of faith.

I do believe the events these past two months have had a divine meaning and purpose. There has been a lot of change and a lot of growth. A wise thing my brother told me a few months ago,

“Accept losing everything. Accept losing your horses, your home, your family, friends… This leads you to a discovery of what you WANT in your life. Instead of fearing loss, you will embrace.”

After pondering this thought… I found peace. I WANT family. I WANT community. I WANT friendships. I will embrace these things. Sometimes, we have to compromise. While owning a farm has been an incredible growing experience for me, and the generosity of my parents to join me on this journey and allow me the opportunity to experience such a thing is a gift I will ALWAYS be grateful for… I have decided to embark on another journey…

This Friday, I will be moving into an apartment with my sister from another mister… Allison. She came here all the way from Colorado to live in Michigan for better horse opportunities. Despite a rocky start and plans changing left and right… We’ve accomplished a lot in the past two months and I can only imagine what crazy things are to come.

Cheers… To a leap of faith, good friends to enjoy the journey with, and the horses that teach us what life’s really about.