Life moves in one direction: Forward.

Going off of my idea of not settling… I have decided going forward with the trend and improving on the current is a much better outlook for my liking. Opposed to aiming for life to get ‘back to normal’. You can use the past for ideas moving forward into the future, but the past should never be the goal. The goal should be something bigger and better than anything that you have ever experienced. This doesn’t mean every goal should have flashy lights and fireworks… But there is more depth available in this life that can be experienced on a day-to-day basis by accepting the present and working toward a better tomorrow.



The fire has been stoked

My heart is beating for life. My hunger for adventure, thirst for knowledge: It’s back. I haven’t felt this much passion running through me in a few long months. But boy, it feels good to be back. My life without strings attached. Releasing my inhibitions, letting my worries go. Fuck fear. Yep, I said it.

I asked, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Married, a house, kids. This answer made me scratch my head. I admire people for their long-term goals… But there are differences between goals and expectations. The 10-year expectation doesn’t sit well with me. If presented with this type of question, I would say, 10 years from now? I have no idea where I will be. I do know one thing… If I’m alive, I will be happy.

When you’re faced with a decision that could change the rest of your life, it makes you think… Is this what I want the rest of my life to be like? I answered with a few yeses, and a few nos. Do I want to keep striving to better myself with horses? Yes. Do I want to keep educating myself in the exercise world? Yes. Do I want to settle for contentment in my little comfort zone? NO. I will not be settling for anything less than insanely amazing and mind blowing. I’ve been given this life with so much potential; it would be foolish to waste it. For a while, I was content with a normal life. But today I was reminded… There’s SO MUCH MORE. Do not settle. Cannot settle. Will not settle. Embrace what each day in this short yet incredible life and keep the fueling that fire.

I just want to play all day. Everyday. And that’s what I’mma gonna do.