North or South on 75

An equestrian faced with the decision: North or South on I-75.

North: Farms.

South: Work and School.

To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take the arms against a sea of troubles…


Take it how you wish.




There is something wrong with me…

I stay up until 3:50am… Click, click, click. Their movement hypnotizes me. Covering ground as if they are floating. Matching with perfect harmony. The more I watch, the harder it is to take my eyes off of the screen. Minutes, hours pass by. I have an addiction. An addiction with no cure, nor would I want one.



Good Kind of High

What a perfect time to blog: BEING HIGH. I’m not high on a chemical (unless you want to count caffeine); I’m high on life. What the heck does that mean? It means, you have a freaky crazy awesome long day and by the time you get home you just want to explode and talk a million miles per hour about what happened that day except you don’t talk miles per hour, instead words per hour.

Let me rewind.

Woke up, took Autumn on a walk/run. Helped my mom take a few boxes over to the storage unit. Once we returned I realized I had 12 minutes to before I had to leave for class. Ran upstairs, changed, ate, left for class. Arrived to my Human Anatomy class with minutes to spare and the coolest professor walked in and started introducing herself. I instantly knew it was going to be the best class I’ve had yet. She said we would first discuss bones, then muscles, then nerves, the brain, organ systems, and so on. Everything built upon itself and sounded right up my alley. She hands out the syllabus. I see: Prerequisites- BIO 111. No, I had not yet taken BIO 111.

So I slowly pack up my things and quietly head over to the library for a little rescheduling… (I guess this is why it pays to see a counselor to set your schedule.) I managed to find an open BIO 111 class this semester, but I had to drop my Strength Training class in order for the scheduling to work… Luckily I was able to move both Strength Training and Human Anatomy to my winter semester instead. That left me with Cardiovascular Fitness, Statistics, Biology. I needed one more class to be considered “full time” for the fall semester.

British Literature? It fit into my schedule perfectly and I needed a literature class so I thought, why not. I had a Brit Lit class in 12th grade and it was bearable. Since I was familiar with some of the material I thought it might be a good match so I’m not completely overwhelmed since this semester is going to be a busy one anyway.

By the time I scheduled those two classes, I had just enough time to grab a coffee and a bagel on my way to the first BIO 111 class. (Maybe that has a little something to do with my surplus of energy).  I was then reminded how much I love biology. Mr. Polonkey’s class from 9th grade all over again! (Before I turned into a crappy student). I don’t think anyone could beat Mr. Polonkey’s teaching, but it reminded me of how enthusiastic he was about the topic, which helped me stay enthusiastic about the matter (because IT IS ENTHUSIASTICATING). Yes, that’s a word. My spell check did not underline it… Probably because it’s written in all capital letters. As my prof reminded me, “Change is the only constant thing”… So I just changed the dictionary. 

After Bio, I had an hour or so before my next class. I got some nice bonding time with the nature on campus. I just sat on a bench and listened to everything. It was so peaceful. I had no doubt I was sitting right where I was supposed to be.

On to Brit Lit. My professor was pretty cool. I tried to really grasp where she was coming from and how much she appreciated these pieces of literature. Typically in these types of classes I look around to see who else is miserable and I end up using that as an excuse to also be miserable and not try. I’m very good at finding distractions when it comes to USING MY BRAIN in ways that don’t involve horses, or scheduling and organizing tasks. Instead of allowing myself to become distracted, I sat right in the front seat and thought about strengthening my focus muscles. Then I soon realized I had a philosophical train of thought going through my head about ‘focus muscles’ instead of actually listening to what she was saying. From that point on I started jotting notes on the topic she was actually discussing and it became easier and easier to stay connected.

We started dissecting Beowulf. I read this in high school… The spark notes version though. Since we had to read the first few pages silently in class, aka pulling teeth, I had two choices: stare at the paper and pretend to read and then just sit and daydream while they discussed the passage, or actually TRY to read it and make sense of what they’re saying and participate with the class. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I was never really much of a reader…) But this time, it was different. I READ IT! And I actually found some really cool points that I did not remember from the first time! And I shared with the class! Good job little Heather!

Not only did I read it, but I LOVED it. My perspective has changed so dramatically. I used to think, “Why on earth do we have to do this?” and write it off as BS because the answer was always ‘because I said so’, or ‘you just have to’. But ever since I started looking for meaning in all of our actions, habits, traditions etc. things have been a lot more interesting to me. Now I think, “What was this author trying to convey?” The way the story was written told a story about the history, about the way things were back then. Alliteration, symbolism, foreshadowing, all of these things I learned and knew the meaning and how they applied, but actually CARING why these things were so applicable to the text in that time frame and how it applied to the history. I find that SO fascinating!

Why am I just now realizing how much I love learning this stuff? Age? Change of mindset? DNA mutation? Could be all of the above. My brother showed me an Elliott Hulse video about “The Power of Silence”. Moral of the story: When you’re left alone in silence, you don’t have a choice but to look inside at who you really are. Sure you can find distractions. But when you finally do look inside you’ll find cobwebs, or gems.    

I started sorting through my cobwebs in Florida and now it’s time to reveal the gems that have been inside of me all along. 


Brick by Brick

Day 12 of the fitness journey

It takes a while to lay a good foundation. A lot of repetition and self discipline. I haven’t been doing very well at getting to bed on time. I get distracted by the internet and watching videos of horses. Shocker! However, I have been very good at sticking to my routine of exercising before breakfast.


I have plenty of options for working out, but I try to make sure Autumn is involved. She is a very good motivator. Her work ethic is something I try to keep in mind when working out AND while doing other activities throughout the day.


Today, I went on a bike ride with Autumn at my side. These are great for Autumn. I get a nice warm up, and by the time I pick up speed on the bike Autumn is at a gallop. After a 20 minute bike ride, I took Autumn back out and ran for a little way down the road with a nice cool-down walk back home. I try to keep my workouts at a 30 minute minimum. 45 minutes is even better.

I am keeping my goal in mind every morning I wake up: a lifetime of health and fitness. I am not working out to lose weight, or setting goals such as ‘weigh x pounds by a certain date.’ I am working out for a healthier body and a healthy mindset that allows me to enjoy every aspect of this wonderful life.