A fit, fresh-start.

Last Thursday I went to bed fairly early, woke up around 8:30am and took my beautiful Border Collie on a walk/run. I’ve been doing this every day since. Just recently I’ve come to grips with the fact I had been going through a ‘quarter-life crisis’. Yes, it’s a real thing. I googled it. I figured I’m too young to have a midlife crisis, so there must be such thing as a quarter-life crisis. Sure enough, there is.

Needless to continue that discussion, I’ve decided a life style change is necessary. No more early nights and late mornings. No more lazy days filled with crappy food. No more scrolling through facebook hour, after hour. No more letting my body slip further away from fitness. No more. My favorite line, “This ends TODAY.”

So, we continue this journey of getting to bed at a decent hour, getting a SOLID night of sleep, waking up refreshed. Exercising first thing in the morning to start off my day. Feeding the horses their breakfast and enjoying their peaceful presence. My investments will be Health, Horses, and School. I will post more about my view on those three things as time goes on.

I’ve even got an award picked out, waiting for me next fall. It will mark the one year point of my change in lifestyle. I can’t wait to continue on this path and live a healthier life.

Taken at the beautiful Greenstone Farm in Culpeper, VA.