Song of Myself: Written in 2009

Song of Myself


I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

I loafe and invite my essence,
I lean and loafe at my ease observing a whirlwind of humiliating efforts.

My heart. Every atom of my blood, form’d from this black-top, this grass,
Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same,
I, now fifteen years old in perfect health begin,
Hoping to cease not till death.


There was a path paved in gold.
A path to guide me through right and wrong.
A path that came to a dead end when you got to success.

As I traveled down that path,
The actuality of my past appeared to play games with me,
Like kids in the park playing leap-frog,
The minute I thought I overcame the past, taunting memories appeared in the shadows of
experiences that were yet to come.

Anybody else would have slowed to a weary sneak as the path got darker and darker,
But I pulled out my flashlight and continued full speed ahead.
I was unstoppable.


God has gifted me to an extreme.
He has blessed me with a family that loves and cares for me.
He has blessed me with friends to support and encourage me when my hopes were low, and
laugh with me when all was well.
Most importantly, he has blessed me with strength and courage.

Strength to motivate myself,
Courage to motivate others,
Strength to forgive,
Courage to overlook the past,
Strength to be optimistic,
Courage to trust.



We’re all born with a purpose,
Some people have multiple purposes, others just have one.
I proudly take the occupation of having multiple purposes.
My first purpose is to cure cancer.
Laughing is the cure to cancer.
I can turn any frown upside down into an ear-to-ear grin.
I like to think of my sense of humor as a heroic act.
Saving one life at a time

My second purpose is to become one with a horse.
The horses’ high spirits run through my body.
When I’m with a horse,
Nothing can touch me.
Nobody can hurt me.
I truly feel invincible.

Grazing on the shadows that attempt to cover my golden path,
Horses have given me an indescribable drive, determination, and crave for accomplishing goals
that will soon be revealed by the herbivore habits of my fellow horses.


I shall:
Learn from yesterday’s mistakes,
Embrace today,
And look forward to tomorrow.

We learn something new everyday,
And we don’t stop learning until the day we die.

People, Animals, The Earth:
All are unnoticed teachers that symbolize one thing.

What is life?
Is it something we breathe?
Is it something we can touch?
Is it something we can feel?

Perhaps Life is Gods favorite board game and we’re the pathetic plastic pieces waiting to be
smashed into a blue mini-van after the spinner decides our fate.


First day of Sophomore year,
Walk into school anticipating the traffic,
Cocky Freshman and arrogant Seniors buzz by without a care in the world who you are or
what you have to offer, their main goal is to meet up with their friends they haven’t
seen all summer long.
I make my way to my locker,
Within a time duration of five seconds as I reach for my combination I get elbowed in the side, kneed in the thigh, and pierced by somebody’s pointy high heel.
Through out the whole day I ask myself—Is this really necessary?


High School—What are you trying to accomplish by cramming us kids that are so soft we
could be mistaken for play-dough in these crowded hallways?
You pour and kneed us between the lockers and classrooms to comfort the school.
A soft place to land, is that what you’re looking for?
Or perhaps you’re looking for something more along the lines of being noticeable.
Maybe it appears we’re working as a team because we’re all close to each other,
When really all we’re doing is dodging a book in the ribs.

You look down at us, on the video cameras and through the windows.
You glance and wish you were mistaking that swarm of angry teens as thousands of little
butterflies waiting to spread our wings,
I’m afraid your wish of an immaculate cocoon won’t come true today,
All you really see is a hive of angry teens.


I only ask for one thing,
It’s fairly simple, too.

Lying to others is a shame,
But lying to yourself is even worse.

When one forces oneself to believe a lie,
They are only setting themselves up for failure.

When one naturally tells the truth to oneself,
They are setting themselves up for success.

The reason one sets oneself up for success is because they know they’re too great for
anything less.


Always there to catch me,
Like an invisible baseball glove ready to grab hold of me if I fall.
No matter how hard life may be,
The comfort of friends support me and push me to stand tall.
When I think I will fail,
They are there to make me prevail.

Never doubting my capabilities,
My friends keep my goals clear,
Reminding me of all possibilities,
Assures me there is no reason for fear.

No distance can separate me from my true friends, they’re always a phone call away, even if
they’re on the other side of the world.


I wake up in the morning,
Put on my glasses and slowly roll out of bed.
I’m in Germany,
Anky Van Grunsven is standing before me with her
Polished boots, spotless breeches, hair neatly pulled back into a Germany ball cap.
She asks me to ride,
Celtic Salinero- ten year old Hanoverian gelding that won the 2008 Olympics.
I look down at myself, suddenly my Santa Clause slippers and white robe transform into a pair of
boots so slick you’d think they were dropped down from heaven, a crisp pair of white
britches, and a stunning Aristae vest over a brand new turtle neck.
I looked like I was about to ride I the Olympics.
I put my foot in the stirrup,
Suddenly a dove flying by spooks the horse,
I desperately try to free my foot,
But the horse gallops off.
Every powerful stride he takes is agony, pain, torture, distress.
As I drag alongside this solid mass of sheer muscle,
The clap of the doves swooping wings penetrated through my blockade of silence,
As if it were waving and apologizing from the heavens up above.


I wake up in the morning,
Put on my glasses and slowly roll out of bed,
I’m in Michigan.


The warm summer breeze rolls across my cheeks, inadvertently forgetting to breathe as I watch
horses effortlessly float, covering maximum ground to the beat of their hearts.
Every step the horse takes puts a hoof print on my heart.
Hoof prints that will stay forever,
Not like a foot print in the sand
That fades away with the waves rolling ashore,
But like eternal writing in a stone:
Just like me.


Written by Heather DuFour in 2009 for an Honors English assignment.