Time flies when you’re having fun! A lot has happened since I last wrote, so I will list the events somewhat in order, recent events nearing the bottom.

Epiphany- 2/16/13

I had always struggled with accepting any sort of religion… Today I was able to open my mind and truly accept all perspectives.

Fable got kicked! 2/17/13


He got a good wallop on the tendons behind his cannon bone, and one on higher up on his leg toward the inside of his butt muscles. Great spots to be kicked by well equipped friends (rear shoes!)… He was incredibly lame the first couple of days because that muscle higher up on his rump got stiff and sore from the stall rest. He had pitting edema all around his cannon bone from the bottom of his hock all the way down to the cornet band, too.  Once we got him walking around, his muscles loosened up and the pitting edema slowly but surely went away and he was much more sound. Thank God he is sound and okay now! He’s still got a bit of swelling in the tendons but it has gone down dramatically. We’re continuing work as long as it’s not bothering him. So far, he is doing great with the work outs and is continuing to progress!

One of the first evenings after the kicking war happened I was walking Fable around the outdoor. This was after we realized he had been kicked higher up on his leg which was making him sore and stiff. At this time I was confused whether I wanted to finish my degree with Animal Science or Exercise Science… Meanwhile I am walking around, it starts to rain. The sun is out, but there is rain… Very peculiar. The more I think, the darker it gets from clouds rolling in. I wasn’t thinking anything of this weird weather until I came across the thought “exercise is medicine”. Right at that moment, a giant blinding ray of sun split through the clouds and shined about a 20 meter circle around Fable and I. Like the light was illuminating my mind. Everyone has different ways of connecting with God, and I believe sunshine is one of mine. I got overwhelmed with joy and knew that was my answer. Exercise is medicine… And God is crazy amazing.

Vienna Piano Trio! 2/19/13

I went to a concert at the Flagler Museum. I am required to attend two concerts outside of the popular music genres. So, a group consisting of a piano, violin, and cello, was perfect!  I had no idea what to expect when I got there. But, it was a great experience! When I first sat down I met a very nice couple who had come to a few concerts at the Flagler before and said they were wonderful. It was a relatively small concert but it felt more personal that way. When they started playing I couldn’t help but notice the expressions on their faces. They had so much passion. If the music was sad, it almost looked like they were about to cry. There were times you could tell the music was playful, passionate, angry, or any other emotion from merely looking at their body language. Half way through I decided to close my eyes. I listened to the music and the sound started painting pictures in my mind. I couldn’t help but thinking of horse’s dancing to the music. It was absolutely beautiful. I felt so calm, so refreshed afterwards. Like I had just meditated.


Afterwards they opened the back area for the audience to accompany the artist and enjoy a bit of dessert. They had cheese, crackers, grapes, dates, and other dishes being passed around such as crab cakes, and little chocolate desserts. I have no idea what kind of cheese that was, but I can definitely tell you it was quite a few steps up from cheddar and mozzarella! It was AMAZING! Past the food, I noticed people stepping out a door in the back of the room. It was dark outside, so I couldn’t see out the windows but I wanted to see what so many people were drawn to out there. I had an out of body experience once I stepped out those doors. The silhouettes of palm trees intersecting the city light’s reflection off of the ocean canal… It was amazing. Water tends to put me in a very reflective state. I couldn’t help but sit and stare for the remainder of the dessert time. I got to talk with a couple very nice people during that time, but I was mostly awestruck by the night’s beauty.


Sunshine State Races West Palm Beach- 5K run! 2/23/13

This was my very first 5K. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, since we were at a horse show all day and then had a birthday party fire-pit Friday… but when I woke up at 4:30 to get ready to leave, I felt INCREDIBLE. I was so happy, so ready. I checked my email before I left and I saw a message my friend left for me praying that I woke up well rested and ready to conquer the 5K. That lifted my spirits even more!  It was dark when I got there. The race started at 6:35am, so I picked up my packet and walked around to warm up my muscles. Once again, I was entranced by entranced by the ocean. Image

It was amazing to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Thankfully I was able to have a clear view through the entire run. My goal was to keep a pace that would not hurt my hip. I had been having problems with it from running… If I don’t keep my core engaged something gets tweaked in my right hip. I’m sure there is a lot more to it than just that, either way that was not an issue for this run. There was so much beauty around that I had no urge to run fast.

Toward the end, I felt like God was smiling at me. I looked over at the clouds and saw a big ball of light that gave me an electric feeling all over my body. I felt so alive, I couldn’t stop smiling. At that point the finish line was in sight, so I picked up the pace and ran as fast as I could! It was so satisfying! I am officially addicted to these types of events, and I can’t wait for the next one! A goal I see in the future… Triathlon! My time for this race was 31:43:4. I will remember that number forever!


After the race everyone was huddled around the finish line cheering on the rest of the runners. Such a positive environment! They had bagels, Gatorade, bananas, and some other food. I found a bench facing the ocean and took a minute to soak up the view. After a few minutes of sitting there, a young man walked up to the ledge right next to the water and started doing Yoga. Mind you, one slip and he would have fallen down into the water… Brave, brave soul! I envied his courage and trust.


Trip to Ocala! 3/2/13

I got to spend a weekend with a good friend of mine who was down for a Parelli Instructor course. I loved hearing about her experiences and I am very excited to see where this leads her! We were the only crazy people in the pool that weekend… It was about 45 degrees or so, people were walking around in their winter jackets as we’re partying in the pool and the hot tub. Very entertaining to see people’s expressions. The water was warm though! Between the pool, watching the Grand Prix jumping, a fun Olive Garden experience, and raiding Publix for snacks……. I had a blast! I’m so excited to come back home so I can visit with everyone! So many exciting things to look forward to… All about the journey!


Congrats to Allison for passing her Parelli Course! You have such an incredible story and you are such an inspiration. I’m so happy for you and I’m looking forward to seeing what other great things come your way! The sky’s the limit!



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