You don’t inspire people by trying to inspire people. You inspire them by reaching new and undiscovered levels of passion and drive.  The kind that keeps you up until 3:00 am and makes you wake up at 7:30 am because you’re too damn excited to sleep for much longer. Following that feeling of what you fear is going to change the world around you. Not caring who might try to stop you, because you’re ready for the challenge. Think it. Breathe it. Be it. Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  When you do that, the inspiring comes naturally.




I just got back from the most incredible run. Was it the fact that it’s Valentines day that made it so incredible? The fact that it’s raining? The fact that I found pure enjoyment from spending time studying the rain drops as they fell down each tree? I got so many sensations from this run and it inspired me to write.

Running with my favorite jacket

It had been a while since my last post.  I had a lot of thoughts swimming around my head and I wanted to wait and process it before I went and blabbed to the world of WordPress about my scattered thoughts.  So, what major realizations have I come to?

For now, lets talk about planning. So, if I plan on getting my degree, then once I get my degree, I will get a job, then once I get a job, I will have money to do stuff I want to do.  Well, a lot could happen from now until that day I finish my degree and find a job… So why should I wait? I’m still going to get my degree and accel in a career that I will love and make a difference with, but in the mean time why should I hold myself back from making the differences that I plan to make in the future? I don’t want to enslave myself to my life plans, what if I got hit by a car tomorrow? Then every idea or brilliant plan trapped in my head would be a complete waste!  Not only that, I could make so many more discoveries along the way that could lead me to something even better!  So, don’t wait until tomorrow to start making a difference.  Start TODAY.  We life in America… Home of the FREE.  Free yourself from your ‘plans’ and start tackling the things you want to accomplish today, and enjoy every second of it.

A horse I encountered when I was on my run. He reminded me of a wild horse. There was no barn in sight, no other horses. He wasn’t grazing or calling for a herd, he was just standing quietly and listening. It kind of reminded me of myself. Enjoying being alone in the nature just observing everything.

Running into the horse on the trail was a bit ironic.  For the past couple of days I had been thinking how cool it would be to go camping and hiking.  When I saw this horse, I couldn’t help but to think how amazing it would be to see a herd of wild horses.  Freedom.

Applying to MSU

So, last night I was caught in deep thought after checking horses for the night.  I had a few train of thoughts that led to my decision to apply.  First off, it’s quite obvious that I will work with horses once I finish college. I’m only lying to myself if I say I’m going to only ride my horses “on the side”.  I love the atmosphere, I love the animals, and I would love even more to contribute my knowledge to making the health aspect of horses better!  Whether it be in exercise, nutrition, who knows!  But I think it’s important that I acknowledge that little horse running through my brain and follow that feeling.  Also, I have decided that I need to view life more as an adventure.  I have a taunting thought that I will fall into the same habits and mindsets when I return home, but I want to keep expanding my horizons.  Learning new things, meeting more people, it’s all part of the journey!