I feel like I’ve been making progress lately.  My body feels stronger, my mind more organized, and that’s all I can ask for.  I’ve made a few significant changes within the last couple of days.  First, I made a food schedule.  I went through a lot of groceries last week and I think it’s because I eat when I have nothing else to do.  I know that’s a hard habit to break so I’m going to nip it in the bud that way I can stay healthy, fit, and not worry about eating through all of my money.  It’s bad enough my horse eats through my wallet!


I’ve only been with this food schedule since last night but I’m liking it already.  Now, I’m not diving into the fridge when I feel the slightest bit of hunger.  I drink water instead.  I prepared some rice, black beans, and Italian diced tomatoes that I will eat throughout the week.  I can put it on a tortilla shell for breakfast, eat it plain for lunch or dinner with a fruit or veggie side.  I allow myself snacks between my three main meals so my metabolism stays active.  I’ve always tried to eat relatively healthy, but I’ve never kept track of it before.  I’m excited to see if I have any changes in energy levels or even just my physical appearance with the combination of strength training and running that I have been doing.

Though it may not look like much, it is delicious!
Though it may not look like much, it is delicious!

Another thing I have been paying attention to is my posture.  I have a very long torso so it is easy for me to slouch.  An excuse?  Maybe.  But, I don’t really have sympathy toward myself so it doesn’t matter.  I’ve been working on keeping my abdominal muscles engaged, thinking of stretching down through my back, lifting my chest, and keeping my shoulders down.  Especially my right shoulder, that one likes to creep up toward my ear.  Instead of hunching over and flinging my arm and shoulder out to grab something, I am focusing on keeping my core engaged, back down, shoulders down, and stretching my arm out.  As my upper body strength improves, it is easier for me to operate with my arms farther away from my body.  I have very little flexibility in my upper body, so I am working on that as well.

Last but not least… MY HAIR!  I chopped it all off before I went to Florida… There was a lot falling out and it just felt incredibly dry and it knotted very easily.  My hair had never been like that before!  Normally, I had a lot of success with Pantine products, so I got one of their moisturizing shampoo and conditioners but it didn’t help.  Which, is why I decided to cut it off and start over so to say.  I wanted to get all of the damaged ends off.  When I got here, I had been using the little hotel samples for shampoo and conditioner.  My hair felt great from those!  Last week when I made my first grocery store excursion, I picked up some Pantine shampoo/conditioner…  After two days of using this shampoo my hair started doing the same thing. I couldn’t even brush through it with my fingers in the shower when it was soaking wet!  I threw that stuff in the garbage and got some Garnier Fructis.  My hair feels like butter now!  If only I had tried this before I cut off all of my hair… Oh well.  Good thing my hair will grow, too!

My hair before I chopped it off!
My hair before I chopped it off!

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