Never Stop Learning

Today was wonderful! I woke up and went running with my trainer… She’s in ridiculously good shape and I’m still fluffy from the holidays so it was quite comical.  I kept a good pace for the first 5-10 minutes or so, then my lungs were screaming at me and my legs were about to crumble.  So, not only is my horse going to be in wonderful shape by the end of these five months, but I will be too!  Unfortunately my hip has been bugging me since the run, I can barely walk without feeling a pull.  Hopefully it feels better tomorrow morning!  After talking about these bio mechanical issues in the horses and how one slight weakness can lead to a whole plethora of problems throughout the body, I noticed I lean off to the right side of my saddle when I ride, and I do the same thing when I run!  My right hip is taking most of the impact when I run, which could also explain why I was having problems with my right knee! Now I have to figure out WHY I am leaning to the right…. Mystery solving, here we go!

After the run I ate some lunch and then got some cob-webbing done… This is probably already the cleanest barn I have ever been at so the cobwebs are incredibly minimal.  This farm is like a very well oiled machine… Tack is cleaned after every ride, saddle pads go in the wash, stalls are picked out several times a day… It’s so nice!

Today my trainer worked her four year old, giant warmblood mare.  She is so sweet and beautiful!  She has an innocence in her eye that I adore!  I got to hop on her for a little bit, it was a struggle.  This is the first time in probably 4 years that I have had a trainer actively correct me with each step.  I like to clench my inside rein, so I kind of got yelled at for doing that… But it’s a good thing!  Everyone has their own teaching styles, but at this point in my training I need someone who is going to push me, and that’s exactly what I’m getting.  She had me bridge my reins so I wouldn’t let my inside had wander.  I had such a hard time turning when I did this.  I finally got it once she told me to think about balancing the horse between both legs to hold the line on the circle, from outside leg to inside rein, and from inside leg to outside rein, depending on how the horse feels.  I have some old habits to correct too… Instead of pulling my inside shoulder back to turn, she wants me to press my inside shoulder downward and think about advancing my outside shoulder just a hair and sweep the horse around from my outside seat bone.  I am going to see if we can work on turns tomorrow, for some reason I’ve just been told too many ways to turn and I need to get my theories straightened out!

My trainer worked two more horses after that… Then I had to take my madre to the air port.  Sorry mom, I gave her my horrible cold AND I sent her back to the arctic weather! What a horrible daughter!  It was so nice to have her here though.  I’m so thankful to have been blessed with a mom as wonderful as her.  My entire family is wonderful, actually.  They encourage and support me and tell me to follow my heart.  I’m so lucky, and so thankful.  I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am going to try to do something meaningful and productive with this life.

After I dropped my mom off, I felt my first breath of freedom.  I left the parking lot with the windows down and the music loud.   The sun was out, the air was warm and I could not stop smiling.  When I got back to the farm I read one of my books about the anatomy of the horse and which muscles activate which movements.  This stuff is awesome.  I couldn’t stand it after an hour or two I had to go massage Fable and take a look at all of his muscles.  It was dark by then so my trainer came down to check why the light was on.  I ended up getting a lesson about anatomy and what we can do for Fable, why he had these problems, and what other horses suffer from as well.  So much information! I am loving this! Off to bed so I can start early tomorrow morning.  Night y’all!


2 thoughts on “Never Stop Learning

  1. Really enjoy following your journey through this new world within which you are learning to live, thrive and prosper. Nothing like a positive, uplifting blog to start my morning coffee time off on the right foot. I hope to learn much from you when you get home, as every blog brings up questions and thoughts when I read them. Enjoy your journey, my friend! DM

    • Thanks DM! I do my best, I am so excited to be learning this stuff so I am able to help people with their horses. Looking forward to more natural horsemanship combined with dressage and bio mechanics knowledge when I return!

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